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representing you went over to greg faull's house and shot him through the head? >> no, sir. >> he may have eluded the police, but he didn't elude us. >> this may be one of your best interviews or one of your worst. you will not believe what happened. >> i'm lester holt. this james bond tale may be headed for hollywood, but first it's on "dateline." keith morrison with "trouble in paradise." >> is there a soul alive who hasn't on some noisy, stressed out, whacked out daydreamed of chucking it? ♪ ♪ >> escaping to the place nature surely intended for you, completely free. fantasy, of course, for all, but a very, very few. this is the story of two who did it, who escaped. though, has to be said, on behalf of them both, be careful
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what you wish for. >> get red for serious heart of darkness [ bleep ]. >> heart of darkness? oh, yes. a strange tale about a gazillion air named john mcafee when the silicon valley started making millionaires by the dozen and greg faull, a man who earned his money the old-fashioned way with bricks and mortar as a contractor in florida. two americans from opposite ends of the country, so different, and yet their paths crossed purely by chance here on this little strip of paradise, this baking powder beach in the south american country of belize. one would lose his life here. the other, some say, lost his mind. >> do you think i want everybody going mcafee's insane? he's lost his mind? do you think i like that? do you think that helps me? >> of course, it was all over the name. >> the global game of hide and
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seek with john mcafee has riveted the country. >> john mcafee says he will not turn himself into police. >> the story about murder in the tropics and the eccentric millionaire who went into hiding claiming he had nothing to hide. >> there will be no charges. i am not involved. >> but there is more to it than that, much more. >> that's where john lives. >> as we discovered do during our own search in central america for the merck you arial mr. mcafee, sensational detail, the guards, it is guns and the harem of teenage girls. >> how many women did he have in there? >> sometimes five, six. >> at the same time? >> lost in the maelstrom of sex, drugs and corruption in a country the size of of bakersfield, california, was him. the other american, greg faull. the one who still stares back at you from old pictures. >> we got to know greg because after working for 12 hours a day he would come up to our bar and
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hang out and talk and close it down. >> jeff spiegel is an american ex-pat himself. his ticket to paradise, a restaurant and bar called the rojo lounge which just happened to be at center stage of our story here on ambergris caye, an island off the coast of belize and greg faull, said jeff, was right out of central casting. >> greg had three birds and the first time he walked up to the bar with mow, beach bar, caribbean guy with a tommy bahama t-shirt, board shorts and parrot on his shoulder and i turned to him and said you realize, greg, you've become that guy. every bar has one. you're now that guy. >> greg faull had been working hard all his life to be that guy. from the time he was a skinny 10-year-old with a new bike living on florida's east coast with his dad. >> i bought him a really, really nice ten-speed bicycle, germa know made and so forth, and it
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was the nicest bicycle in school, and he really enjoyed it, and he came home one day without the bicycle. and he was carrying a chain saw. i said, greg, where's your bike? he said, dad, i traded it for a chain saw. i said why did you do that? he said, dad, i can't make any money with a bicycle, but i can buy wood with a chain saw and i can sell it to everyone in the neighborhood and that's what he did. >> greg was a lot like his father, which is to say he was all in all of the time. when he went fishing he started earlier than everybody else and stayed later and generally won first prize. >> he caught the biggest big-eye tuna that has been caught in port canaveral. it weighed 110 pounds, and to my knowledge the record still stands. after a stint in the navy greg went to night school and got his contracting license and built big things, for disney world, businesses, custom mcmansions
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for rich people and then about 12 years ago greg heard about belize. >> and he liked it. he liked the beach, and he liked everything in belize and he said i then discovered that it had the lowest crime rate in central america, and it was english-speaking and he said what more can i want, dad? >> he was sold. greg bought a piece of beachfront property and started building a home on it. he told me that he wanted to retire in belize, and i have the house down there and one of these days that's going to be my retirement home. >> early in 2012 the rue ins of his second behind him and his 52nd birthday looming ahead, greg finally did it. he chucked it all and hoisted a pirate flag in his belizean paradise. >> i said do you have room for me and he said part-time, but he had planned it for a long time. >> by the time he stepped off
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his yacht in belize last june he'd already hired shane and brittany mccann to help him put his plan in motion. >> greg hired us to manage his home. he was working on it to turn it into a vacation rental property and the idea was that he would go sailing or even take the guests fishing or, you know, not be around or be around so that we could rent out the home. >> he had a big 51-foot sail boat. he wanted to just -- >> go sailing. >> go sailing. >> as the summer of 2012 wore on, greg settled into a happy routine at the rojo lounge where finley holiday tended bar. >> at first he was the pirate of the neighborhood with his parrot and every day he would come here, drink rum, drink rum, party, super fun guy. >> a happy man except there was
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this one irritant. 100 yards or so up the beach, in fact, smack-dab in the middle of greg's nightly walk from the beach house to the rojo was him, the neighbor, john mcafee. the issue was dogs. mcafee kept nearly a dozen of them on his property. loud and mangy muts who frequently ran free snarling and snapping at anybody who tried to get past them. >> the dogs were jumping fences and biting people and barking nonstop. >> faull felt he worked too hard and come too far to put up with that. >> he was in our office and he said he was going put a stop to what was going on. it didn't matter what it took, he was going put an end to it. >> so now, beginning to last november, recently launched the life he always dreamed of, greg faull headed on a collision course with one of the richest men in the country. no idea what was about to happen.
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>> in fact, no one could have predicted what was ahead. darkness was about to fall on this sunny stretch of paradise. a murder mystery and an international man hunt that would fascinate the world. later, you'll hear from the man at the center and what an encounter that will be. >> we had some serious, serious, serious adventure. >> when "trouble in paradise" continues. teaching it took to e. so we give you the power to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. our customized interview covers everything from a service member's deployment, to a student's loan interest, right down to a teacher's crayons. you've worked hard to earn your money. we're here to help you keep it. turbotax-- the power to keep what's yours. try it free at get to sears big weekend event mattress spectacular. get 24 month special financing. and save up to 60%, plus get an extra 10% off.
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♪ ♪ like greg faull, john mcafee earth, but while faull was drawn to belize by its tropical
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breezes, mcafee told cnbc's >> this is an entrepreneur's paradise here. >> mcafee met with the cnbc crew in 2009 he was in the midst of rebooting his life. >> this is called snake alley for obvious reasons anyway that i hope we don't find out about. >> after two divorcees and a run of bad luck in the states, the 64-year-old was tattooed and tan and looking incredibly buff. >> all of these mounds, by the way, are mayan ruins. everything is totally flat, so with you see something elevated, was there something under there. >> to be sure it was not archaeology that lured faber and his crew overseas it was the outside rags to riches boom to bust story of john mcafee's life. >> we were embarking on a documentary and we called it the bubble decade and we thought
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that john mcafee was a very good representation. he made a fortune in the technology bubble and then he lost it all in the real estate bubble. >> not quite all. mcafee told faber he still had about $4 million in the bank to tie him over and in belize, $4 million apparently went a long way. mcafee was not only able to build this beach estate on the ambergris cove, but a second one near the village of carmelita. >> my life has turned around 180 degrees down here. i mentioned the freedom here. there are virtually no regulations on business. >> a lot of it was how belize is a paradise for people like me because i can do anything i want. there are no laws. intellectual property, nobody cares. i can start anything. >> it must have felt like the good old days where after kick drugs and alcohol, john mcafee
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suddenly emerged as one of silicon valley's princes of high tech. >> in the past three weeks we've seen five new viruses. >> like his contemporaries, steve jobs and bill gates, mcafee was an inventor, entrepreneur, self-promotor all rolled into one. here he is on the "today" show in 1988. >> computer virus technology is like the wizard's wand. it's the magic of the new technology. >> working out of a corner of this modest house in santa clara, mcafee created the antivirus software that bears his name. >> silicon valley was extremely high energy, a lot of optimism, optimistic and engineers, programmers and entrepreneurs, a lot of cooperation. >> the antivirus software made him rich and famous and in 1993 he sold the company. >> he made $100 million when it was something to make $100 million. >> but mcafee wasn't finished.
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like greg faull, the man he would later clash with, mcafee threw himself into things, all kinds of things. he pion eared instant messaging technology and dabbled in yoga instruction. established a flight school for ultra light planes and invested heavily in high-end real estate. >> his house is art which in a booming economy you might be able to sell and make some money, but in a recession, completely worthless. >> real estate, his achilles heel. when the market tanked in 2008 mcafee's fortune was seriously downsized. on top of that, he was contesting five lawsuits. the most serious was a wrongful death suit stemming from a fatal 2006 ultra light crash at his flight school. >> one of the lawyers suing mcafee accused him of leaving the united states to avoid paying a huge judgment in that ca case, but whatever his motivation by 2009 mcafee had
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re-settled in belize and he wanted david faber to tell the world he was back in business. >> i'm an impatient sort of person when it comes to business, and i'm able to do things, you know, very quickly, very freely and without incumbrance. so this is the place. >> to make his point, mcafee set out to show the cnbc crew just what a creative capitalist could achieve in belize. >> this water taxi service, up and running in just two months. these ultra lights, that fatal crash back in the states was no deterrent here. >> with the new river research project -- >> the crown jewel of mcafee's new start-ups was to be the new river research project. >> when we began this, what you're seeing on this side looked like the other side impenetrable jungle. >> this patch of jungle was being cleared to make medicine from native plants.
9:16 pm
>> and hopefully we'll be production of fairly unique pharmaceuticals. >> he'd already hired a microbiologist to do the research and he set up a temporary lab in the home of an absentee neighbor who lived in florida at the time, but of course, you already met that neighbor. greg faull. the arrangement apparently did not end well. when mcafee relocated his lab to his mainland compound and removed his equipment from faull's house on ambergris key he left a mesa, cording to faull's friend jeff spiegel and vivian yu. >> all of the place was smashed and maggots in the refrigerator and the place was trashed. >> thus a conflict was born. >> back in 2009 said david faber he saw no hint of the troubles that would eventually engulf john mcafee, but stuck in his mind was a night that held the
9:17 pm
eerie trappings of a mystery beginning to unfold. >> i remember the night i arrived in belize he invited me over to his home. it was on the water, and i think i was picked up in a boat and taken there, and it was very dark and then we pulled in to his home which was lit up. and i walked in and he was playing the piano. ♪ ♪ >> and it did have the feel of almost being in a bond movie and this is your villain in some ways. he didn't turn to me and say hello, mr. faber, but it almost had that feel to it. it was -- it was unlike everything i've ever kind of experienced. >> charming eccentrics always made good stories, but rarely good neighbors. so perhaps it was only a matter of time before john mcafee's
9:18 pm
neighborhood dispute over dogs blossomed into tabloid gold. coming up, gun fire in the night. >> we thought there was a war going on outside. we're talking 30, 40, maybe more shots fired. >> bullets, poison and a puzzle when "dateline" continues. and under 550 calories each? i'll believe it when i taste it. i believe it! i can dig it! [ male announcer ] ok, a bit of an overreaction, but... uh oh...what now? ♪ ah, the old great taste, under 500 calories flash mob bit. eesh. the new zesty roma chicken & shrimp and roasted garlic sirloin. big flavor, under 550 calories. starting at just $9.99. see you tomorrow. and late night for half-price apps. starting at just $9.99. see you tomorrow. creatwith petsmart, wonder and enchantment. the destination for all things aquatic. come to the amazing aquatics event and save up to 25% on all aquariums and select aquatics essentials from your favorite brands. and tetras and algae eaters are just $1 each.
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♪ ♪ ♪ greg faull and john mcafee were probably never going to be pals. faull liked to have a drink or two. mcafee was a vocal tee totaler. faull liked to get out and meet the neighbors. mcafee tended to be a homebody. >> faull liked expensive birds. mcafee collected stray dogs. turns out it was the dogs that brought the simmering tension between john mcafee and greg faull to a boil. >> greg wasn't a dog person. he had three parrots.
9:22 pm
he was a bird man and everyone knows if you have birds you're not too fond of dogs. in fact, said faull's property manager shane and brittany mccann, greg had been bitten by one of mcafee's dogs and another time by a nash's dog. >> you get a lot from dogfights. >> on a visit, john mcafee's dogs were very much on his son's mind. >> he said those dogs make a lot of noise, and i wish he'd do something about the dogs. >> you could hear them. >> we could hear them barking and so forth and he said i just wish they'd do something about it. >> dogs, it turns out was just the tip of the iceberg. john mcafee had armed guards around his place. at night, said the neighbors, it was not unusual for people strolling along the beach to have mcafee's guards confront them with guns. >> and if you're a tourist and someone signs a maglight flashlight in your face while
9:23 pm
shouldering a shotgun it -- it can be disconcerting. >> it's ridiculous that we have to worry and get stopped just because we want to walk home or walk down to the other bar or walk down to a friend's house. >> but unlike the other neighbors, greg faull was never shy about gettinging into john mcafee's face. >> a couple of times john was out there and greg was yelling at him. keep your dogs inside the fence and just, you know, like -- we have tourists here. they're biting people. >> in response, mcafee raised the height of his fences and on more than one occasion said shane mccann he saw mcafee use a taser to keep his dogs in line. >> he'd taser his dog to get back into his fence line right there on the public beach in front of tourists. the dog would whimper, cry, tail between his legs and run back into the fence line of his
9:24 pm
property. >> of course, even that didn't keep the dogs from barking all night. so finally, in an act of desperation greg faull decided to make a formal complaint to city hall. >> greg was a nice guy. he was a character. >> daniel guerrero was from close by san pedro town. >> greg had submitted a complaint here, and it was three points, one was that he had eight to 12 vicious dogs chasing and attacking residents and tourists. number two was that his personal security guards were intimidating people, and the third one was the increasing traffic late at night, the vehicles, taxis were coming every hour. that was annoying for them and we were in the process of writing letters and go meet mr. john mcafee, but we never got to him. so none of the complaints were actually addressed.
9:25 pm
>> a fatal delay, perhaps. because by early november it was common knowledge that the fun-loving bar-hopping bird man and the famous tee totaler of ambergris caye were on a collision course. greg faull was ready to take matters into his own hands. >> he told everybody that he was going to poison those dogs. everybody knew that he was going to poison the dogs. >> nobody knows exactly what happened the night of november 9, 2012. as we started to piece it all together a mcafee bodyguard named william mulligan told us he was patrolling the boss' bodyguard that night. >> the dog was leaking out of his mouth and blood was coming out of its anus and walking around the property, then came another been, and another one and they had been poisoned. >> four of them so he and mcafee shot them to put them out of their misery.
9:26 pm
up the beach at the rojo lounge jeff spiegel and his wife vivian heard the gun shots from mcafee's beach estate. >> there were enough that we thought there was a war going on outside. we're talking 30, 40, maybe more shots fired. >> the next morning, a saturday when the bodyguard reported the poisoning incident he told the police he thought he knew who did it, an american matching greg faull's description who a few days earlier stood on the beach in front of mcafee's compound shouting curses about the dogs. >> i did give the police one suspect in mind, this american fellow, and i asked if they had someone available to take a visit over there to speak to the guy and they said they would. >> now saturday evening. greg faull went to shane's place for dinner where, said shane, he seemed to confirm what practically everybody on the island suspected. >> he told me there on the beach.
9:27 pm
the dogs were poisoned and gave me a little wink. >> then after dinner said mccann, greg bummed a couple of cigarettes and walked away along the beachheaded for home. that would be the last time anyone saw the birdman of ambergris caye alive. coming up. >> there was blood all over the floor. the worst thing anyone's seen ever. >> a dreadful discovery and the mystery begins when "trouble in paradise" continues. smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda. home of the meaty, melty mcdouble you love.
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horizon. respectful deference to those still sleeping off saturday night, but that's not how sunday arrived at shane mccann's house on sunday 11, 2012. >> my phone started ringing at 6:45, sunday morning, the first three phone calls, i didn't answer. the fourth phone call finally gets me out of bed, you know. who's calling me sunday morning? on the other end of the line is greg faull's caretaker. >> there's something wrong with greg, i think he's dead. >> we're thinking heart attack. >> shane raced over to shaen's house while his wife began alerting other ex-pats on the island and there was her husband with a small group of neighbors standing as if frozen in horror at the top of the stairs. >> everyone was crying. everyone was crying. it was the worst thing that anyone's seen ever. >> inside the house greg faull was lying face up, a puddle of
9:31 pm
blood pooled beneath his head. >> he was in the same clothes he wore to our house for dinner. >> same clothes. keys were still on the door and you almost don't believe what you're seeing. >> there was blood all over the floor. >> it didn't look natural. it looked like someone laid him there. >> the oddest detail as shane recalled was the position of greg faull's t-shirt. >> it was pulled over like a hockey move when you pull the center up like that and it was all of the way behind his neck and his shirt was still on. >> as he stood looking at his friend's corpse he was struck that in spite of the obvious violence there seemed to be no sign of a robbery or any struggle anywhere in the house. >> nothing was turned over in the house, just found it very odd that someone could subdue somebody like greg, a guy that can go out 50 feet for a conk, ex-military. how can you just subdue somebody like that. >> when the police arrive they
9:32 pm
quickly determined greg faull had been shot once in the back of the head execution style. >> the dreadful news spread quickly among the american ex-pats living on this part of the island. >> that morning with the police, i stood there and a friend and i said to them we don't want to disturb anything, but we have to make sure the birds are safe. one of them was out walking around and as soon as we were able to we need to move them somewhere. >> the police seemed to see the wisdom of that. so they let jeff take a visibly distressed mo along with the other birds up to the rojo lounge. still, it wasn't long before the police began to wonder if the murder of greg faull had something to do with dogs. john mcafee's dogs. everyone knew how much faull hated those dogs, but had he really poisoned them? probably a good idea, the police
9:33 pm
decided to have a talk with john mcafee and ask him a few things like, for example, where was he on the night of the murder? >> we're looking at neighbors. we're looking at people in the vicinity and hence, mcafee came up because he lives just -- almost next door. >> there are some connections there, yeah. >> but said police spokesman rafael martinez, though they had a good look on the back of the beach estate on ambergris caye they came up empty. john mcafee was, quite abruptly, gone. >> he was not there and in the process of searching for him they found firearms and of course, his bodyguard and the bodyguard's wife was there. >> and the bodyguard and his wife had unlicensed firearmed. >> they had unlicensed firearms. >> and thus were arrested. >> and thus were arrested. >> that bodyguard was william mulligan, the one who found the poisoned dogs. according to mulligan he was told his wife would be jailed
9:34 pm
and his daughter taken away if he did not cooperate with the police. >> so they started turning questions at me, trying to make out that i was a hired gun for john because of my military background and trying to force on me that i know something about the murder. i didn't know anything about the murder. >> mcafee was named a primary suspect and declared a fugitive by the head of of the gang suppression unit, a paramilitary team that focuses on organized crime. the news exploded in the internet. the story of an eccentric millionaire is like catnip. >> the millionaire is now a fugitive. >> before greg faull's death could make the morning papers, his murder was eclipsed by the irresistible power of a celebrity man hunt. coming up -- >> right now i am holed up in a place where the mattress here has lice. >> where was he? sure, the world could hear him,
9:35 pm
but could anyone find him? >> he dug a hole in the sand like a dog and buried himself. >> when "dateline" continues. ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration, every bit of determination, and go where we've never gone before. ♪ introducing the radically new avalon. toyota. let's go places. [ female announcer ] new roc® retinol correxion max. the power of roc® retinol is intensified with a serum. it's clinically shown to be 4x better at smoothing lines
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♪ ♪ ♪ greg faull's tropical adventure lasted five months and ten days and even though he had plenty to do on his island paradise, it was a rare day, said his father and stepmother that greg didn't call just to shoot the breeze. >> always kept in touch. after he went to belize, i think he got a little homesick, and he was calling us just practically every night. >> then on sunday afternoon, november 11th, art and roseanne got on the plane at the end of a long night and art got on his phone and there was this message from the american embassy. >> i said no, it can't possibly happen. not greg, you know.
9:39 pm
i don't think anyone could have overpowered greg if he'd had a chance, and i suspect that he just never had a chance. >> the irony is he went there partly because the crime rate was so low. >> that's right. that's one of the reasons he went there. >> yes. in fact, the murder of an ex-pat american was extraordinary, a very rare event here in belize. but that's not yet story made headlines on monday morning. >> computer software creator john mcafee in hiding. >> the news was all about mcafee, a man not only on the run, but apparently determined to turn being on the lamb into multi-platinum performance art, blogging, e-mailing, blogging reporters near and far. tamara sniffin co-owner of the san pedro sun on ambergris caye was among the first to get a call from mcafee. >> i would just hate to have to see you have to resort to going into hiding because, unfortunately, it doesn't look that good when that happens if
9:40 pm
you can understand that. >> at first it seemed certain that a massive police dragnet would be deployed to capture this missing millionaire, but in belize, at least in this case, the policeman hunt seemed to evolve at a curiously sedate face. the fugitive mcafee armed with a smartphone and a laptop sprang into action, thumbing his nose at belize as he went telling one and all that he was innocent and as he insisted in this call to cnbc that he barely knew greg faull will. >> i had absolutely nothing to do with it and i did know him, but just barely. we spoke perhaps 50 words in five years. >> then mcafee upped the ante. not only did he deny committing the murder, he proposed an astonishing idea. the bullet that killed faull had really been meant for him because the government of belize wanted him, john mcafee, dead. >> the first thing i thought
9:41 pm
about was, oh, my god. he's a white man. i'm a white man. someone -- the government's finally decided to off me. they got the wrong white man. >> it all sounded so crazy. here was john mcafee, a celebrity businessman spinning dark conspiracy theories from some jungle hideout. right now, sir, i am holed up in a place where the mattress here has lice. i've never experienced that before. >> joshua davis, a contributing editor for "wired" magazine and nbc consultant was in the midst of writhe a profile piece on mcafee when story broke. >> let me ask you point-blank just for the record. >> no, sir. no, sir. it's not even funny. >> okay. >> that first, frantic week he spoke to mcafee several times a day and from the beginning mcafee seemed determined to tell his story as if it were an action epic. >> he says that the police came
9:42 pm
to his property on sunday. he saw them coming. he thought it was another attempt to harass him. he didn't know about the murder that point and he dug a hole in the sand like a dog and buried himself and put a cardboard box over his head so that they wouldn't find him. he stayed there for hours, he says, until the police left and then he ran off. >> mcafee told davis he was not alone, he had a young girlfriend with him. >> sam is quite the soldier. she has been with me for the past couple of months. >> his plan, if there was one, seemed to be to use the media's fascination with him to change the subject from who killed greg faull to a scattershot series of claims about high-level corruption in the belizean government. >> belize was founded by pirates. the offspring of those pirates still reside here and the country has a pirate attitude, you know, governed by fear. we collect our dues by
9:43 pm
extortion. >> this from the same man who just three years earlier had appeared on cnbc to gush enthusiasm about belize? he even reached into his own pocket once to hire his own camera crew promoting the place. what happened? if you knew the story behind the story, but joshua davis did, and the story he would tell was disturbing. coming up -- >> he takes one of the bullets and he chambers it, closes it and spins the cylinder and he puts it to his head. >> a deadly game and john mcafee was playing for keeps when "trouble in paradise" continues. or a small treehouse? e if it's big enough, you can have a disco. oh, yeah! why do you not want a smaller treehouse? because it wouldn't be able to fit a flatscreen tv in and then the tv would be about this big and you would have to hold the wire and the position you would hold the wire you wouldn't be able to see the tv. that's a pain in the buns. yeah. yeah. yeah. yeah.
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♪ ♪ the john mcafee cnbc's crew encountered in 2009 was all business, ultra light plane, water taxis, biological research. >> entrepreneurism is a hard habit to break. >> that john mcafee was an entrepreneur extraordinaire, a focused man with a steady girlfriend, and a man couldn't have been happier in belize and told cnbc's david faber he wanted to spend the rest of his life right here. >> i think i'm, you know, old enough to realize where my final resting place might be. >> here in the jungle? >> why not? >> now that he was on the run from police, finding eternal rest in the belizean jungle sounded like a distinct possibility. >> like the police, we wanted to
9:47 pm
find him, too, but we also wanted to find out what happened to him since those blissful days when mcafee believed belize was heaven on earth? who better to ask about that than joshua davis who spent weeks with mcafee last summer months before the murder of greg faull. >> right off the bat, we don't trust you. >> even at 67, said davis, mcafee still looked like the same fit fellow cnbc profiled back in 2009, but this john mcafee, davis told us, was different. the ambergris caye beach estate was now had dogs and gun-toting dogs and surrounding himself with teenage girls where the age of consent was 16 and mcafee kept those girls busy in bed. >> he told me that for him five hours is a quickie and he brought one of his girls out it to confirm the point and she
9:48 pm
said yep, that's true. >> frequent testosterone injections kept his stamina up, but that only guns with guards kept him alive. >> he was sure that everyone was going to kill him and this snowballed into this conflict with the belizean government. >> that conflict began, said mcafee, weeks before davis first went to see him. it was in the early hours of april 30, 2012, belizean police raided the mainland compound where mcafee had built his lab. the raid was carried out by the gang suppression unit or gsu. their interest in mcafee centered on the suspicion that he was manufacturing meth in his lab. >> they wanted to get everything about me. they wanted to get charges and then they wanted to kill me. >> one of his initial explanning as for why the april 30th raid happened was that the government -- one of the local politician his come to him and asked for a donation. he had refused. as a result, they sicked the gsu on him.
9:49 pm
>> after the raid mcafee told belizean tv the gsu had mistreated him and his girls, had been extremely heavy handed in their search for illegal drugs. >> they murdered my dog in cold blood. they threw things around. they stole things. it was -- it was unbelievable. it was unimaginable for a country that was suppose lead a democratic country. >> the police didn't find any illegal drugs, but they did find a cache of guns, at least one unlicensed security guard and firearms for which mcafee allegedly had no license. though mcafee disputed the weapons charge, he was arrested and spent half the night in jail. the millionaire was livid and later called a press conference to demand an official apology. >> i'm pissed off and i will not shut up until i get an apology.
9:50 pm
>> the government of dean barro -- >> he was going about these heavily-armed people behaving in a way according to my interlock t turs that was intimidating if not threatening. >> after the raid, mcafee retreated to his beach estate on ambergris caye where his guards and dogs kept a constant vigil. >> i think the raid on april 30th set in motion a real escalation of his paranoia. i would get calls from him all of the time saying the gsu just, you know, drove a boat past my place or a frogman just walked out of the water. a g, su frogman and he jumps into the bushes again and he's constantly feeling pursued and it just gets steadily worse and worse and worse. >> davis investigated mcafee's claims of rampant corruption and police brutality in belize. in the end he said he found there were a few grains of truth
9:51 pm
in mcafee's accusations. >> there are examples of abuses of the government. i'm sure there is corruption and the police -- there have been instances of police brutality, but at the same time i do think that mcafee has a latent paranoia, and this paranoia of his blew a situation way out of proportion. >> davis believes that mcafee's behavior began shifting from nearly eccentric to bizarre. a few months after that cnbc crew bade him a fond fairwell in 2009 that's when mcafee took up with this young woman, her name is amy herbert and at the time she was a 16-year-old prostitute living in carmelita, a small town near mcafee's compound on the mainland. >> and amy, as he says, clued him in to exactly what was happening in this tiny village of 1600 people. she says that it was an epicenter of the drug trade. that, in fact, it was a major
9:52 pm
narc owe trafficking through route for drugs headed north to the u.s. so he decided to set himself up essentially as sheriff of this tiny little village. >> at first, mcafee's involvement in the town made a certain amount of sense. he built a jail for carmelita and hired off-duty police to track down its drug dealers and then, said davis, mcafee started to do things that seemed odd and mcafee bought a bar, a self-appointed crimefighter he hired known criminals to be his bodyguards. >> the way he talked started to evolve, his dress evolved. at one point he said he urinated in public for the first time in his life and he never acted like this before. >> i think the jungle and that environment started to infect him almost like a virus. >> whatever it was that got into john mcafee, it was powerful. powerful enough that by july
9:53 pm
2010 the antidrug crusader had acquired a pro-drug alias. writing as stuffmonger to an online drug discussion forum called bluelight mcafee boasted of purifying mdpv known as bath salts. it had increased alertness and turbo-charged sex drives, but along with that, experts say comes psychosis and paranoia. >> this is something that everybody knows is a nasty drug and yet john starts posting saying that he thinks it's the most extraordinary thing ever primarily because of the hypersexuality that it creates and in these posts he says that he's produced over 50 pounds of the substance and that he's distributed more than 3,000 doses of it throughout the country that he's in which is belize. >> when asked about that, though, mcafee told davis those postings were just a joke, part of a harmless prank.
9:54 pm
>> first of all, i wouldn't know how to produce 50 pounds of mdpv. i'm not a chemist. >> how had one of the silicon valley success stories gotten himself tangled up in all that? davis didn't know, but finally, he said, it was during a routine interview at mcafee's home he became convinced mcafee was a man unhinged. >> we were in his bungalow and he had a smith & wesson 38 special strapped to his chest in a holster. he takes the gun out. he opens the chamber. there are six bullets in. he drops them out and takes one of the bullets and he chambers it, closes it, spins the cylinder and he puts it to his head and i'm, like, john, we don't have to do this. and he says, i know we don't. your perception of reality may not be correct, and he starts pulling the trigger click, click, click, click, click, five times and there's only six chambers and then he pulls it a sixth time and nothing happens.
9:55 pm
he says you have missed something about reality. and i say, oh, it's a trek. he said no, it's not a trick and he opens the door and he aims the gun at the sand and he pulse the trigger and -- it was a live round. >> john mcafee was on the run in belize hiding from homicide detectives, davis said he knew he had a head start on a hot story, but he didn't know was whether that story was about to become an obituary. >> coming up -- >> there's the house. secrets from inside the mcafee mansion. >> you tried to shoot him. >> i also tried to cut his throat. >> and later, at last, the man himself. >> this is the story about a murder. >> for you it's a story about a murder. for me it is not. >> when "trouble in paradise" continues.
9:56 pm
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9:58 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ american millionaire john mcafee is on the run, hiding out somewhere in the wilds of belize. his neighbor greg faull has been murdered and now police want to question mcafee in the case. the mystery is growing as thick as the jungle. here again, keith morrison. >> you might think a person of interest in the homicide case especially one that seemed to be on his cell phone practically 24/7 would be easy to find for a 21st century police force, but that, it seems, is not what belize has. >> a week after john mcafee disappears, it still took belizean police ten minutes to
9:59 pm
get into his garage. >> there are police in there, armed police with a rifle and they're looking through the house as they do on a regular basis or have been since the beginning of this expect i don't think there's any expectation, maybe that he's going to be here, but they're looking. though the nosy reporter was clearly unwelcome, i wasn't shooed away, either, any more than was the world's brass all looking for john mcafee. so like martin sheen's character in the classic "apocalypse now" we took to the jungle. >> he was close. he was real close. >> searching for a renegade genius who somehow split society's bonds and became a law unto himself. >> are you an assassin. >> unlike marlon brando's current curse, john mcafee did not hide in the shadows. >> john mcafee is joining us now by telephone. >> embraced the media spotlight,
10:00 pm
in fact, he seemed to live for it. >> we are living near a dictatorship where the legal system is subservient to the cabinet. >> if his blog was to be believed, john mcafee was hiding in plain sight, cleverly disguised as a tourist or street vendor. we made arrangements with middlemen, go-betweens, go here, they told us. right there, but as each time arrived and passed for a promised secret rendezvous with mcafee, international man of mystery he was not there. >> of course, john might not be on the island at all. the only person that seemed always to know how to reach him and speak for him was mcafee's former lover amy herbert. at 16, amy was the first of many young women who lived on mcafee's property and shared his bed. >> a lot of guests here? girls? not much other company? no.
10:01 pm
>> now 18, amy has a disconcerting air of worldliness. she also has john mcafee's trust. >> you want to go from the front door? >> so it was with his permission, she said that amy agreed to show us around his beach estate. >> here's the house. >> nice. >> and everything from the soaring ceiling to the leatherbound books to the spectacular ocean view spoke of money and power. >> we would always snorkel, almost every weekend and he'd get his tan, be in the sun, enjoying the view and everything. >> but said amy, after that police raid back in april, everything changed. >> that's when he started being paranoid and he just kept inside and was, like, he got really pale and he said he misses the sun. >> given mcafee's bizarre behavior after the murder of greg faull some people wondered if he was using drugs again. >> did you guys every do drugs in here or anywhere.
10:02 pm
>> no. he never accepted any type of drugs on the property. >> though amy did see him doing chemical experiments in the kitchen. i said what are you doing? he said i'm working on some chemicals and stuff. he said it was for research. he said never to touch these, taste it, eat it anything. he said it's poison. >> did you have any idea what it was? >> i didn't have any idea. >> he wouldn't tell you? >> he would not tell me anything about it. >> whatever mcafee was making in his kitchen it turned into a brownish, powdery substance when he baked it in the oven. >> what did he do with this stuff? >> he would save it in little packages. >> you don't know what happened to those packages? >> i used to see them around the house. he said never to touch them. >> remember those postings to the drug discussion forum bluelight promoting stuffmonger's work with mdpv or bath salts though mcafee later claimed those postings were a hoax, according to amy, he
10:03 pm
seemed to be serious about the chemistry experiments. >> i do remember that he talked about bluelight. i do remember him writing about it. >> it was then that her strange relationship with john mcafee had its strangest moment. >> i was angry, whatever, and i was ready to shoot him and for some reason i missed. >> you tried to shoot him. >> uh-huh. i also tried to cut his throat, but he just said -- he just leaned against the wall and said, do it. i couldn't do it. >> and you staid together after that. >> oh, yeah. he loved me more, i guess. he slept with one eye open. fortunately for mcafee, that romance ended without bloodshed and fortunately for amy, she got a house on the mainland as a parting gift and though mcafee has a new number one girl now, it was amy who finally helped us
10:04 pm
get john mcafee on the phone. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing all right, sir, under the circumstances. >> mcafee wouldn't say where he was hiding, but he did hint he was close by. >> i did notice one of my boats, and -- >> yeah. we were in one of your boats, you're absolutely right. >> was he watching us? were the police watching us, too, hoping we might lead them to him? >> listen, can you tell us anything that would clear up some questions about what happened over that course of that weekend when your neighbor was killed? >> you know, i have no idea what happened to my neighbor. none. my dogs were poisoned. i still believe that someone did that. >> you just see no option for going in and having a chat with them, huh? >> we traveled a long distance with that phone call and we'd
10:05 pm
heard nothing that hadn't been said before until mcafee apparently on a whim had news. >> i'm offering a $25,000 belize dollar reward for anyone who can find the killer of mr. faull. >> wow! sincere? hard to know. what appeared certain is that no one was going to find out who killed greg faull by talking to john mcafee on the phone. so next, we decided to double back to the american ex-pat who knew both men and seemed to know more about this case than the police were willing or able to reveal. coming up -- police are about to revolley one thing. >> we didn't label him a suspect at this point because there is nothing that ties him to this murder. >> a turn in the case when "dateline" continues. ♪ na na na na na na na na na ♪
10:06 pm
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♪ ♪ they trickle in by ones and twos, mostly only staying enough to get a tan and go home, but a with more money than they can spend or perhaps more personal seems like it's fiction. i mean, it doesn't seem real. >> because shane and brittany mccann make their living managing the properties of those that live here they're pretty plugged in. they knew john mcafee and greg faull so it seemed logical to continue our search for clues in this case with them. >> the police department has been tight-lipped.
10:11 pm
>> no ballistic reports and no crime scene investigation and no toxicology on the dogs that had been poisoned. >> but the police must know a lot more than they're saying publicly because he personally found something in greg faull's house that spoke to the issue of motive. it was a powerful poison called feridan. >> it was found in the trash can. i found a green paper plate that he had taken an old tortilla bread and rolled it up into it. >> based on that, shane mccann believes greg faull fed those dogs poisoned tortillas, and just spiegel and his wife vivian say they can add two and two as well as any detective. >> did john have the means to do this? john had the means to do whatever he wanted. he still does. was there a motive? it's pretty conclusive that the night before he was murdered that greg poisoned john's dogs. that's not speculation.
10:12 pm
that's fact. >> he wanted everyone to know that he poisoned those dogs. >> but from his secret hideaway, john mcafee told reporters he didn't believe that. it was the government, mcafee claimed, who poisoned the dogs. as for the murder mcafee insisted he had an alibi. he was at home with witnesses on the night greg faull was killed, he said. >> i was home with samantha and another person on the property. >> wherever he was then, the police apparently had no clue as to where he was now as he hammered away at the police and the government of belize. >> the gang suppression unit, i think if you do that you will see the position that i'm in, and you will understand my reluctance to turn myself in. >> which, to the neighbors, seemed to describe a country they didn't know. >> he's saying terrible things about belize, what's that like to hear? >> you tell me. does it make sense to you? >> does it make sense to you?
10:13 pm
>> if belize was sch a horrible, dangerous, corrupt country, would i be sitting with you right now talking? >> so many questions. topping the list for the friends of greg faull was why were the police backing off the earlier claim that mcafee was a suspect in the case? police spokesman rf ale martinez. >> he isn't a suspect, and i want to make that clear that we don't label him as a suspect at this time. he is a person of interest. he is wanted for questioning because there is nothing at this point that ties him to this murder. >> would it be, some wondered, that mcafee's generous gifts to local police over the years had something to do with that determination? >> this is a stun gun. i donated over 100 of these. if you do get touched by this it will knock you down, but you will not be harmed unless you hit your head or something in the process.
10:14 pm
>> that was john mcafee present the san pedro police department with taser, flashlights just two days before greg faull was killed. the newspaper woman told us mcafee's larges for the local police w police. >> why was he so interested in donating to the police department? >> our police department is underfunded and i think that he felt that that was one of the most effective ways for him to contribute is by helping to support our local law enforcement. >> seemed strange now that john mcafee was so publicly hiding from the very police officers he'd helped equip. the ex-pats just wanted mcafee, wherever he was to stop talking to reporters and start talking to investigators about the murder of greg faull. >> it's just really frustrating that at least if the police wanted to ask you questions why not just answer it?
10:15 pm
i mean, just -- to put everyone's minds at rest. >> and the tragedy is someone died and it's kind of like, now it's turn into this circus act. >> no question. this case had now become a media circus. the traveling kind with reporters from all over the world taking turns under the big top. all of us, vying for a shot at finding the ringmaster in what was fast becoming the weirdest show on earth. >> coming up -- >> did he disguise himself? >> a lot. >> nobody recognized him. >> a girlfriend with a new tale to tell. >> and a new cry for help from a grieving family. >> he was brutally, cowardly murdered and i would like to see some justice done. >> when "dateline" continues. hmm, we need a new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪
10:16 pm
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10:19 pm
ever since that november day greg faull's body was hauled away on a pickup truck. his house on ambergris caye was
10:20 pm
left just as he left it, one man's paradise lost. >> he said dad, i'm laying in the hammock looking over the caribbean. the sun's coming up and i've never been happier in my life. >> understandably, greg faull's friends and family wanted to know who killed him and why. >> he was brutally, cowardly murdered and i don't know exactly what happened, but i would like to see some justice done somewhere. >> but for week withes all art faull and roseanne heard about was the one-man media circus that was john mcafee. the wealthy american ex-pate rat who was avoiding contact. >> i had calls from cbs, msnbc, nbc, fox, cnn, "the new york times" and "the wall street journal" in two days. >> it was questions about this other fellow and he's making a circus and it's, like, excuse me. you're asking me the wrong question. ask me about our loss.
10:21 pm
>> that seemed almost to be secondary. like it was lost in the shuffle. >> it was lost in the shuffle and greg was pushed off to one side because it was the mcafee circus. >> no doubt mcafee was good copy. tamara sniffin knew that wasn't the only reason the media seemed to be ignoring the greg faull murder investigation. >> the only thing that's been released -- officially released is the cause of death of mr. faull. >> the single gunshot wound. >> no word on whether they're done the ballisticses test, though. >> with police not talking with john mcafee not talking with police, rumor was all there was. and for a few days there were no new headlines. all quiet on the mcafee front. >> and then just about the time the whole bizarre saga began to disappear from public consciousness, john mcafee popped up again and the media gaggle descended. this time in the nice country over, in the middle of guatemala
10:22 pm
city, guatemala. why here? well, a couple of very practical reasons. some of them about family and some international politics and because of that the story got even stranger. >> for weeks we'd heard only his disembodied voice had heard pictures of the tattooed mcafee and now here he was finally in the fresh, looking practically funeralin his suit and black dye job. according to mcafee's 20-year-old companion samantha veneg venegas, they tried to elude the police. while they chased after cell phones he left around his estate, they were actually hiding in belize city under the very noses of the people who were searching for them. >> he knows what he's doing and then he turned his phone on and
10:23 pm
said, you know what? they're going to track us down. leave the phone there and people really thought he was there. >> because his cell phone was there on the island. >> because they were tracking it. >> occasionally said sam, they stepped outside under bushes during nights on the lam, but mostly they stayed in hotels. >> did he disguise himself. >> he pretended he was a crippled guy, hunched over, glasses. >> no one ever recognized him. >> no one ever recognized him. >> she never once doubted mcafee's innocence because on the night of greg faull's murder, she said, she and mcafee were watching movies at home with his former lover amy and her new boyfriend. >> was john there with you? >> he was with me in the room. people saw it. you can ask everyone who was working for john on that day. they will will tell you the same thing i'm telling you. they finally escaped to
10:24 pm
guatemala, she told us, in part because she had a relative there who could be helpful. >> i said i have an uncle who is a lawyer and he's a pretty good lawyer and you can ask anyone here in guatemala. >> sam's uncle has represented some of the biggest names like former strongman manuel noriega, but when he tried to sell the idea to a judge about mcafee as a refugee it was immediately rejected. mcafee was taken into custody outside of his hotel on the grounds he had entered the country illegally. it looked like the jig was up. the next day, at the immigration center the big question was how long would it take for guatemalan authorities to send him back to belize and that's where the improbable story took a heart-stopping turn. within sight of the assembled cameras, john mcafee suddenly swooned and appeared to lose consciousness. as he was rushed out to a
10:25 pm
waiting ambulance, some wondered whether the stress of being a wanted man had gotten to john mcafee or if the world media was once again being manipulated bia master of misdirection. coming up -- nowhere left to hide. we sit down with john mcafee at last. will he answer the questions so many want to ask? >> neither you nor anybody representing you went over to greg faull's house and shot him through the head? >> when "trouble in paradise" continues. there is no mass produced human.
10:26 pm
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♪ ♪ for a month after the murder of greg faull it was not he, but all of the axe tension. >> he's wanted for questioninging for a murder in belize.
10:30 pm
todo parecía estar controlado >> he controlled the phone, the tone. >> i have no idea what happened to my neighbor. >> the time. >> and then after three weeks of chasing him around central america we finally caught up with john mcafee face-to-face. this was to be his only extended tv interview since the murder, perhaps in part because he was in a guatemalan detention center and had nowhere to go and right away he made it clear he not
10:31 pm
only understood the media, he knew how to exploit it. >> here's the problem. you have a deadline, right? and your deadline is always now because the news has become immediacy. your job is to get the news out before your competition. that makes your deadline infinitely small. can you possibly get any inkling of the truth in that infinitely small space. >> no, but you can when you research things. >> new york times said this, cnn said this. >> the whole point is this is a story about a murder. >> to you it is a story about a murder. for me, it is not. >> on the subject of greg faull john mcafee conceded there was bad blood. >> i didn't like the man, he. i don't like to hang around with
10:32 pm
people who are drinking. people are foolish enough without alcohol. >> in the weeks leading up to the murder how often did you see him? >> maybe one time, maybe twice. >> only once on the beach. >> he said i'm really sorry, but i can't sleep with your dogs. >> and i said i'm really sorry. >> did you do something? >> they were jumping out and that was annoying all of the neighbors. >> i used the taser on one dog who was deaf. i tased him on the butt. >> he was complaining about the security guards and everybody complained about that. >> he was not an exception. and i sympathized with that, too, and i did everything within my power for them not to display their guns. >> you would allow security guards to wander around in the front of your house in front of a public beach with guns menacing, at least in the perception of the tourists walking by, these people and not prevent them from doing so? >> may i say something for a moment?
10:33 pm
i think you are, okay, so now if someone is carrying a gun. >> yeah. >> a shotgun and holding it like this how can that be menacing? how can that be menacing, sir? someone sees a gun? the world's full of guns. america has 280 million of them. >> however, your neighbors are saying these men weren't just holding the guns down here. they were pointing them at people. >> do you think i would tolerate that? get real. >> as he had from the beginning, mcafee insisted he had no motive for killing greg faull because he never believed fall was responsible for poisoning his dogs. >> i know who killed the dogs. >> who? >> the government. >> the witness has no reason to lie claims greg faull told him he was going to kill the dogs. >> the night before. >> that's what he told everybody he was going kill the dogs. he drank a lot, sir. i know for a fact he's not the kind of person who would kill a dogs. he was a dog lover and not a dog owner. >> i am told he didn't love dogs
10:34 pm
at all. that's fine. he had birds and his birds were always having trouble with dogs, what do i know? all i can tell you is i believe he loved dogs. >> lots of evidence to suggest greg faull killed your dogs. >> i'd say there's evidence that greg faull could have killed my dogs. anybody could have killed my dogs. everybody had dog poison? >> everybody has dog poison? look in your shelf in your garage and there will be things with crossbones on them. everybody threatened to shoot my dogs, everybody. i took it with a grain of salt. >> you still believe he didn't poison my dogs. i know who poisoned my dogs. my paranoia tells me. one of two thing, i am really paranoid. >> could be. or you're right. >> or i am not -- and they are -- >> sometimes you're correct to be paranoid. >> sometimes just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not after you, sir. >> so in any case.
10:35 pm
>> neither you nor anybody representing you went over to greg faull's house on that occasion and pulled his t-shirt up over his head and shot him through the head? >> no, sir. the government poisoned my dogs. >> and the government killed greg faull? i thought that for a while, but i realize -- no, i don't. how do i know who killed greg faull? i don't believe the government killed him. that was the first thought in my mind, however. >> john mcafee had little else to say about his murdered neighbor. no theory about who might murder an american ex-pat in his own home, stealing nothing. no expression of empathy for the dad man's family. on the subject of john mcafee he was just getting warmed up. >> coming up. >> it's an issue with you. >> the public doesn't know me. >> getting to know the real mr. mcafee when "dateline" continues. (sighs) this is too good to be true.
10:36 pm
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10:40 pm
the run, lost homes, lost assets and lost reputation, but mcafee says this is not the first time he's been in dire straits. >> i took more drugs than you could carry and i drank more booze than lake michigan and my life just collapsed and i ended up at a point where my wife left me, my friends left me, i had no job, i had no money. >> since 1983 mcafee has been a hardliner when it comes to drugs and alcohol. >> if someone was living with me, in close proximity to me, they don't drink. that's just a fact of life. they don't take drugs. that's a fact of life. >> for a man so dead set on against on drugs spent months online with bath salts. could he have fallen off the wagon? do you think if i had a choice i would choose the worst drug in the world when i can buy fresh cocaine? get real. >> all of the bath salts talk just an elaborate hoax for his
10:41 pm
own amusement. >> cocaine is a great aphrodisiac, far better than these bath salts. >> you're a trickster and a jokester and a guy that loves to prank. >> what else is there in life? >> without laughter, would you want to live? >> exactly. >> but if you prank often enough people don't know whether to believe you or not. >> if you come to them and say, well, you know, when we talk about bath seattle i was just lying, basically, i was telling a joke. it wasn't true, how can they ever know if they were telling the truth or not? >> what business is it of theirs? here ate issue -- >> if the public has an issue and you say it with the convection that you use when you're pranking somebody they don't know whether you're pranking somebody they don't know if you're telling the truth. >> i don't know the public and the public didn't smooe know me. they know me through you, through cnn and a very twisted mirror. >> it was interesting from a man
10:42 pm
who courted the media and used it to such personal advantage, john mcafee seemed to resent the press now that he was in custody in guatemala. >> what's in the news? sensationalism. a crazy man on the run is far more sensational than a political problem. >> and you are an insane man on the run. >> if you say so. >> that's the image. you have a blog. you know what the comments on your blog are. they all think you're nuts. >> they all think i'm nuts and i don't think i'm nuts and half of them think they love me. they've never met me. >> the assumption is you enjoy it. >> why was i not in the press for ten years? i would not talk to a reporter. i don't trust you guys. >> why? >> because whatever i say to you people because -- because i live a lifestyle which might be a little over the line or outside -- over the line of normal behavior, instead of looking at the latest thing i'm trying to develop, oh, that's great about the antivirus, but tell me.
10:43 pm
tell me about your lifestyle. >> though at the time we spoke mcafee faced the apparent probability of deportation back to belize he seemed remarkably unconcerned. in fact, he told us after five years in what he called an entrepreneurial paradise, he was looking forward to going home. back to the good old usa. >> do you think the united states government would be uncomfortable about accepting you back when you're a person of interest being sought after by the police in belize in a murder investigation? >> a person of interest wanted for questioning. do you realize how many people who are american citizens come back into the country for -- of course, they will. do you know how much taxes i paid over the years. it's embarrassing. >> how do you see this whole sagaening? >> happy for everybody. happy for everybody. what i will do is i will stop bashing belize in my blog. my neighbors can have some peace and quiet. the guatemalan government can
10:44 pm
say -- thank god he doesn't want to stay here. america's happy, more tax dollars, it's the perfect solution. that will be the solution. >> you are convinced of it? >> you know, i haven't been wrong much about my life, you know. people who know me will say one thing, don't ever bet with this man. i don't like to lose money. i don't, and i'll bet you on this one. >> spoken like a gambler who might haven combo t eknown the . the question is whether john mcafee would ever be forced to sit face-to-face with homicide detectives. >> coming up -- >> if you want to make this a fall -- >> our strangen counter with the mysterious mr. mcafee is not over yet. wait until you hear what he's up to now and coming up next friday on "dateline," a whole new chapter in the comic book murder, volume 2. fun place, a comic bookstore, but not that night. >> he said somebody was killed. >> a crime cold for decades.
10:45 pm
>> an adulterer is a person who has done evil thing, but that does not necessarily make him a murderer. >> a determined prosecutor. >> that was a case solved for my dad. >> and a mystery with so many head-snapping twists and turns it would take two trials to uncover the truth. >> michael george fell prey to the two issues most known to common man, sex and money. [ male announcer ] there are only so many foods
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>> it was, in the end, strangely reminiscent of a certain bronco chase with police in slow to have intimate knowledge of a homicide, however this chase would not end with an arrest. this woman was on that flight to miami with mcafee. >> he was very calm and seemed just like a regular passenger. you would never know that that's who it was. >> during the flight mcafee blogged that he and his young
10:50 pm
girlfriend samantha had been forcibly separated by guatemalan authority, but on the brighter side, it was announced mcafee had sold the bookend movie rights to his story and what a story it is. so based on earlier conversations with him, it seems that when mcafee the movie finally hits the big screen greg faull will barely be a footnote. >> you want to make this about gregory faull, and that's tragic. no. i want to make it about what i perceive is a long list of actions attempting to make toe the line. >> soon after the world's most famous person of interest landed in miami, he was back on the air. >> john, thanks so much for joining us. you are in miami, aren't you? >> i was just playing around with you. yes, i am in miami. >> once again, he took the opportunity to change the subject from the murder of greg faull and explained his reasons for fleeing belize to avoid questions by homicide investigators.
10:51 pm
>> what will you do if you were charged with this murder and the u.s. forces you to go back to belize, will you disappear? will you go to answer those charges? >> i would certainly answer those charges, but there will be no charges, this is like every other charge they have leveled against me since april 30th. and running a meth lab and i will certainly answer any questions and if i am asked, i will answer therjs but it will not happen, sir. >> john mcafee's deportation from a detention cell to freedom in miami pointed one inescapable truth, the rich are not like the rest of us. >> it doesn't make any sense at all if mcafee claims his inso sense and offers a reward for greg's murder, why did he disappear and make a circus of this whole thing. i don't understand it, and i just wish someone would
10:52 pm
investigate it or -- or find someone who can talk about it and bring some justice somewhere. >> back on belize's ambergris caye, the ex-pats have been left starving for some sign the investigation into greg faull's murder is even active. >> nobody said anything. they're not looking for anybody else as far as we know, why? we only know as much as you know or as much as everybody else knows. >> and the one-sentence answer doesn't do with the murder of gregory faull, it doesn't really cut it. >> it just seems like everything has just stopped. >> not a word of news from the police said vivian yu and owners of the rojo lounge and in the absence of information they've been left to ponder what they do know. >> people asked us if we think john did it, and i answered that by saying i don't know, and i don't want to speculate. >> i hope not. >> i know what i know and what i know is that he had a history
10:53 pm
with greg, and in bad judgment greg killed his dogs and less than 24 hours later, greg was murdered. it would be beneficial to be forthcoming. >> john has made offers to talk to the police authorities by phone. that's not the way it works because there's a lot more to investigating than the words coming out of somebody's mouth. >> for instance, alibis. we discovered john mcafee and his young companions have different stories about where they were the night of the murder. mcafee told us he was at home. his security guards patrolling outside, his girlfriend samantha inside with him every minute. >> sam never left my side. >> she was with you the entire day. >> sam is the most jealous woman on the planet. if i go somewhere, she goes with me so i don't visit another woman. it's not actually happening, but this is in her head and the entire day. i like spending time with sam. >> so she wasn't away from you
10:54 pm
at all on saturday? >> not that i can remember, sir. >> but samantha told us that's not true. she was out shopping at least part of that day with mcafee's former lover amy. >> so we went to town. she bought some clothes. i bought a perfume and then i went to buy fried chicken. >> and that was on that saturday. >> uh-huh. >> and though samantha claimed amy was with her and john the night of the murder amy told us she was on the other side of the island in the apartment she shares with her boyfriend. >> anybody ever ask you where you were that night? >> yeah. i was sleeping while that happened. there's no boat, no cars, nothing that would go all of the way up that north to take me up at that time of the hour at night. >> could detectives have made some sense of it all? had they been able to question mcafee? that time seems to have passed and now that they're safely back in the united states it appears
10:55 pm
increasingly unlikely that john mcafee would meet detectives in belize. >> please's prime minister said that in the absence of any physical evidence tying mcafee or his associates for the murder of greg faull they will not be asking the u.s. to extradite him. >> you can't seek to extradite someone merely because that person is of interest, merely because that person is needed for questioning. i believe extradition can only kick in if there are charges that have been leveled against the person you seek. >> for his part, john mcafee tells us his offer to speak with belizean police on the phone or here in the u.s. still stands. >> i would happy to be in any other country in the world except for belize and answer any questions they want today.
10:56 pm
>> the belizeans tell us they don't intend to take him up on that. it should be noted that though greg faull has been dead for two months the belizean police said if the poison found in faull's house matched the poison found mcafee's dogs, and if it matched the bullet or if there were any marks on greg's body that would be consistent with a taser attack and john mcafee? since he arrived back in the states, he told us, he's sold some of his belize property and at the moment is in portland, oregon, still making the media rounds. >> i've been meeting with ghost writers and producers and various people up on the movie and book projects. >> he still pops up on the internet from time to time, lobbying charges at the belizean government and faull, as you might imagine, now more than two months after his murder, greg
10:57 pm
faull's family is at their wit's end waiting for answers that may never come. >> it almost feels hopeless because, you know, it's a foreign country, and i don't know their customs. i don't know anyone down there. i've just not -- i don't know how to handle it. >> are you getting answers or any contact from them? >> no, not anything from them at all, but i have gotten in touch with a senator. senator nelson and he said he was going look into the problem so we're waiting to see if we can put any pressure anywhere on the belizean government just to continue their investigation and find out who is responsible. i just don't know when it will happen or if it will happen, but -- -- >> but it's desperately important to know. >> oh, yes. it's desperately important to know. his whole family is just terribly broken up. we all are. ♪ ♪
10:58 pm
there will be a memorial service for greg faull will in florida tomorrow. his ashes will be scattered at sea. that's all for this edition of "dateline." we'll be back again next friday at 9:00, 8:00 central and i'll see you tomorrow on "today." i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, good night. special victims unit is investigating a star playing for the 49ers. also, the pill that saved the life of a 100-year-old bay area woman.
10:59 pm
new tonight at 11:00, was it sexual assault? a star player for the 49ers being investigated by san francisco police. all of this unfielding as the police arrive in atlanta. joining us. late tonight, the 49ers arrived ipatlanta for their biggest game. but michael crabtree is accused of sexual assault. there are many questions regarding this investigation and what it means for the team. we have team coverage of this developing story. ahmad has a look at crabtree's significance on the team, but we begin with kimberry, who is in san francisco this evening with new details. kimberly? >> the 25-year-old
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